Although I trained as a secondary school music teacher, I often get enquiries from adults who would love to play the piano or would like to return to the instrument after a long break (perhaps because of career or family).  

Maybe you fall into this category but are worried about your ability, or have restrictions on the amount of time you could dedicate to learning this wonderful instrument. As long as you have a piano (or a digital piano with full-size, weighted keys), we can work something out. Your age is not a factor – you can start, or return to, the piano at any time.

Research by Dr. Arthur Harvey has shown that piano lessons for adults, especially the elderly, can help to slow down the ageing process by increasing levels of human growth hormone (HGH). In fact, it sounds like all adults should learn to play the piano if they want to be fitter both in mind and body! 

I work with all adults (whether you are a beginner, or are returning to the piano after a break) up to intermediate level  (about Grade 5/6).

Adult Piano Beginners

There are many adult piano tutor books available (have a look at the Piano Adventures website for one of the best). It’s important to include scales and sight-reading to develop your musicianship, but this does not have to be a daunting experience, so don’t panic! Also, for the more computer literate amongst you, there are dozens of apps for mobile phones, iPads and tablets that can help to develop these skills in a fun way.

Adult Piano Returners

I make it a point to find out what YOU want to get out of your lessons. My role is more of a mentor than teacher. If you’re brushing up your piano skills after a gap of a few years (or lots of years!), we might start a few levels below where you left off. However, I also have returners who are more interested in developing their repertoire, such as learning a Chopin waltz or a Scott Joplin rag. You might also want to revisit your old pieces (I do this on a regular basis, even with pieces that I played over 30 years ago!). 

If you are interested and would like an informal chat, contact me here