Cinematic Orchestration 

I’m busily ploughing through ThinkSpace Education’s Cinematic Orchestration course and creating a new orchestral template in Cubase to cope with the work. It’s taking a long time!

However, it’s great fun playing with all my new sample libraries from EastWest, Best Service and Spitfire Audio.

Boys with toys!

Musical Masters and Slaves 

Thought I’d post this interesting video from ThinkSpace Education’s very own Guy Michelmore: ‘Quick Guide to Setting up VSL-EP’. Great advice for any fellow-composer looking to get more power from their PC or Mac.

It’s a direction I’m planning to head down in the near future.

I’m looking for a new master PC, probably running the latest version of Cubase, on which I can compose, but my sound libraries are going to be hosted on separate ‘slave’ machines.

It also provides a new lease of life for my old machines (no more eBaying them, or worse… a trip to the council tip!).


Bleeding Fingers Contest Winners Announced 

A huge congratulations to the three finalists in the Hans Zimmer Bleeding Fingers Contest:

  • DANIEL SUETT, United Kingdom
  • EIRIK RØLAND, Sweden
  • RYAN TAUBERT, Australia

My favourite is Ryan Taubert’s ‘Chicken Hop’ – what a transformation from the original ‘Destiny’s Door’ theme!

Have a listen to the finalist entries:

If YOU had a a favourite entry, let me know by leaving a comment.