'Dancing on Light Ice' Review by Steve Sheppard

My Thanks to Steve Sheppard at 'One World Music Radio' for writing this lovely review of my piano piece, 'Dancing on Light Ice:

"The depth and textures of this amazing new solo piano single by Alan Moore is remarkable and well worth multiple listens, the performance on piano is just shy of two minutes long, but this tapestry of a full flowing narrative is deeply compelling and graphic in nature. 

Dancing on Light Ice is one of those compositions, that in its short duration says everything that needs to be said, and the energy of the piece also leaves you with a sublime sense of calmness at its conclusion, and that can’t be a bad thing at all can it?"


The music will also be played on Steve's show, 'Shores of Atlantis' #48 this Wednesday (9th June, 2021).

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Click the image below to stream/download, 'Dancing on Light Ice' from the Bandcamp website.