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"A Mind of Her Own" - Carey Films Ltd  

Feature film directed by Owen Carey Jones, starring Nicky Talacko, Amanda Rawnsley, Ashley Cook, Juliette Grasby and Peter Adams.

"The Spell" - Carey Films Ltd  

Feature film directed by Owen Carey Jones, starring Rebecca Pitkin, Pietro Herrera, Amber Hodgkiss, Julia Curle and Laura O'Donaghue.  

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"Night Fishing" - Shot in the Dark Productions  

Short film directed by Joe Hepworth, starring Nicky Barrat and Katherine McGolpin.  

Li, 10, lives on the top floor of a tower block, dreaming of being a princess. One night, while buying cigarettes for her dragon of a mother, she finds the answer to all her problems. A discarded fishing rod…​  

Night Fishing was screened at the Leeds Young People's Film Festival and the Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival.  

It’s a 10 minute short film by Joe Hepworth (Shot in the Dark Productions) which is dialogue free and gives the music plenty of limelight! The story dwells on a young girl's dreams as she tries to escape the drudgery of living in a high-rise tower block.

"Out of Order" - Joe Hepworth, Hugh Jordan, John Holloway  

Short film, starring Snorri Krist Jansson, Stacha Hicks and Steve Murphy.  

"A toilet comedy without the toilet humour!" A fired office worker decides that in a desperate attempt to hold onto his job, he’s going to take hostage the buildings only working toilet.